Baydin Summer 2018

Product Management and Design Intern


The task was to design an Apple Watch application for Boomerang for iOS that presents the unique features that Boomerang offers to their users in a more accessible, on-the-go manner. I managed teammates to meet the deadline, designed the Boomerang for Apple Watch app, supported the engineer in building the application.

Everyone checks their emails throughout the day. For some, they designate specific time windows to view emails on their computers. However, most people now check their emails on-the-go via smartphones. With the rise of wearable technology, the ability to be connected to the internet is becoming even easier.


1) Taking my phone out takes too much effort
2) Existing email apps do not have Boomerang’s features

User Goals

When I am on-the-go, I want to be able to quickly take appropriate actions on important emails.

User Persona

Deciding on Features

From this user persona, we decided that Boomerang, Notification, and Note-To-Self were the most important features of Boomerang for Apple Watch.


Main Inbox Flow

Force Touch Menu

Note to Self


Full Mockups

Interaction Design Map
Pixel Design Guideline for Engineers


During the internship, I was able to participate in various activities, such as creating demo videos, working with customer support to analyze feedback, and designing and conducting usability testings. If you are interested in learning more about other projects that I completed during my internship, please feel free to reach out!