LinkedIn Jobs UX Concept

Highlighting the key information to match candidates with their dream jobs
October - December 2019
Google Forms, Figma, Principle

Even with the record-low unemployment rate, finding a job is difficult. I found myself applying to only a couple of jobs after reading tens and hundreds of job postings. This happened to me because:

  1. Many job posts do not match my skills, experience, or interests.
  2. The filters associated with the job posting don't match the job details.

Current State of LinkedIn Jobs

I interviewed 3 job seekers in different industry experiences to identify the key pain points of using LinkedIn Jobs. They were asked to search for their desired positions on LinkedIn. In addition, I asked them about their sentiment and thoughts throughout the process.

1. What Do Candidates Look For?

From the user interviews, candidates mainly looked for three elements:

    1. Job Requirements
    2. Commute Time
    3. Compensation

However, candidates had a hard time locating these information because...

2. Job Descriptions Are Inefficient

LinkedIn still relies on job descriptions written by recruiters. This means that candidates have to scroll down to find the qualifications.

Getting to Qualifications requires scrolling down significantly on Job Summary

Commute time and compensation are some information that many won’t get on the job posting. Often, they have to ask the recruiter or find out after they interview.

3. Alternative Job Posts Face Similar Issues

Observation of other popular Job Board websites

Other Job Boards tried solving the problem of information efficiency. Yet, it didn’t solve the fundamental problem of displaying the information that users care about upfront.

In conclusion, people want to find job postings that they would apply to, but even after searching for specific positions, they only find a small percentage of the job postings interesting enough to apply to because…
  1. Job descriptions are poorly formatted and do not highlight the information that is most relevant to the job seekers.
  2. Job board searches do not display job posts that are good matches to the candidates.

Target Improvement Area

With the above people problem in mind, I brainstormed two opportunity areas to focus on:

  1. How Might We display the information that candidates look for upfront?
  2. How Might We help candidates see the match between their skill sets and the job requirements?

Job Post Highlights

I decided to create Job Post Highlights, a new feature that immediately surfaces the key information of the Job Post.

Content Organization

I explored different formats of displaying the information that candidates would use to decide if the job post is a match.

Medium Fidelity Exploration of displaying Job Post Highlight contents

I decided to pursue Option C to group relevant information together, decreasing the number of categories. I also conducted usability testing with 3 users who have used LinkedIn Jobs on mobile. They mentioned that the bubbles and color contrast for Education and Skills made it clear on what qualifications they had.

Job Post Highlights Entry Point

Once I decided on the highlights format, I explored how I am going to allow the user to access the feature.

Medium Fidelity prototype of Job Post Highlight Entry Point

I decided to pursue Option E to help the users establish a connection between the feature and the page's purpose by placing the call to action for the feature where the feature lives. The use of the toggle signifies that a certain feature is turned on/off. I wanted the users to know that if they opted into see the Job Post Highlight, it will be shown in all the Job Posts that they explore.

LinkedIn UI Kit

Before getting started on creating the live prototype, I analyzed the LinkedIn Job Post page on its mobile application.

UI Kit created from analyzing LinkedIn Job Post

I added the typography that I decided to use for my new feature to the UI Kit after experimenting with various text sizes, margins, and colors.

High Fidelity Job Post Highlights

Toggle On/Off

The candidate can toggle Job Post Highlights On/Off on a LinkedIn Job Post

LinkedIn Job Post Highlight Cards

The cards are scrollable and allows the candidate to see all the content with one swipe

Education & Skills Expansion

The candidate can see the full list of requirements that the job post requires

Add Address

Address is needed to see the candidate’s commute to the job

Benefits Expansion

The candidate can see the full list of benefits that the job offers


The problem that this feature solves is not unique to LinkedIn. Job seekers often look at hundreds of job postings before applying to a handful. By showing key information upfront, Job Post Highlights is a solution that can to shorten the time candidates spend looking for jobs to apply to.