Microsoft Fall 2018

Program Manager Intern, Engineering Systems, Build

I interned at Microsoft for 12-weeks from September 2018 to December 2018 on Windows OS Engineering System, Build team. I specifically worked on improving the User Experience of Build failure triaging process on Windows OS Pre-checkin Validation tool. For more details of my work, please reach out!


Windows OS boasts a massive code base, with 1600+ engineers, 4000+ Pull Request per day, and 18+ hours to compile. If Windows OS main branch breaks, that would mean that more than 1600 engineers would be blocked from making any progress. Therefore, our Pre Check-In Validation system (PCV) detects if the engineers’ changes will break the code before they submit the code in a fraction of the time.

I designed and drove the implementation of features that allows easier access to information realted to the engineer’s build failure on the PCV system. In addition, I created features and education materials that allow engineers to fully understand the process of the PCV system, including explanation of our infrastructure, process, and terms.


User Research

To understand engineer's sentiment, current usage lifecycle, and their suggestions and requests

- User Surveys
- In-person interviews


To determine which issues to tackle first. Finding which features would be the most valuable

Weighted scoring system:
- Breadth
- Severity
- Engineering Hours


To gain key stakeholder agreement and support, as well as the team’s feedback

- Spec writing
- Spec reviews
- 1:1 with key stakeholders


To understand the impact of the features deployed

- Re-sync interviews with  previously interviewed engineers
- Presentation to VPs and Executives


To develop and deploy features to customers.

- Ring Deployment Planning
- Dashboard implementation
- Supporting Engineers as needed


From this work, I was able to experience the entire product development cycle: from designing to implementing. I was also able to work on creating documentation that our team can refer to for their future steps. Throughout the internship, I was challenged with new tasks and skills, and I am thankful for all my coworkers for supporting me throughout the process.

Reviews from Customers

“I felt like my voice was heard.”
“These features have given me a greater insight on how my PCV builds work.”
“The new features cuts the time I spend finding where the error is by half.”

To learn more about the work I did, please reach out to me!