Microsoft Summer 2017

Program Manager Intern, Engineering Systems, CloudLab

I interned at Microsoft for 12-weeks from May 2018 to August 2018 on Windows OS Engineering System, CloudLab team. I specifically worked on visualizing telemetry data obtained from CloudLab. For more details of my work, please reach out!


CloudLab is a specialized testing automation system on cloud. Engineers who are working on specialized hardware, such as Xbox and HoloLens utilize our system to automate their application testing processes.


During the duration of my internship, the new telemetry technology was implemented to the extent where we had VM creation time, VM creation success rate, and Blob Upload process. I explored through the CloudLab UI, designed a new landing page that shows the VM Creation time, VM creation success rate, and the list of tests being performed by CloudLab, and prototyped a page that tracks the blob upload process. The new landing page that I designed is being used as the new landing page for CloudLab’s platform.

Next Steps

As the telemetry technology is installed, the exposure on CloudLab’s platform is expected to increase.

We also want to develop an SDK that will allow individual teams to consume CloudLab’s telemetry data for their fabric and create their own dashboard where they can track their fabric activity and test results.

For more details of my work, please reach out!

Update: As of 2019, this team has been deprecated.